Shortcomings of an E-commerce Solution

The disadvantages of the e-commerce solution are usually broken down in to technical and non-technical. Despite the fact that is one of the fastest growing entities of the century, it still has its glitches. Because it is one of the latest introductions in the financial world, trust and security have become the main aspect of consideration. On the other hand, it remains the most effective and efficient way to buy and sell products. Here are some of the shortcomings of an e-commerce solution. 

·        Lack of personal touch

Even though a considerable number of retailers happen to have a personal approach, most of them lack human relationship. With this kind of relationship, customers shopping from these outlets experience a refreshing and reassuring feeling. However, this is not the same as an e-commerce solution. The experience of making purchases by just clicking the “buy goods” button is nothing compared to a physical purchase. Therefore, there seems to be lack of personal touch during online transactions.

·        E-commerce delays goods

Except when you are ordering pizza online, transacting other goods from an online store can take longer than you expect. Even with the fastest shipping, the earliest you can get your products delivered is after at least a day. This is nothing compared to physical purchase where you get to go home with whatever product you have purchased. If you want to use something at the very moment, online purchase is not an option. However, purchasing digital goods is different from the latter because you get to download the product.

·        Many goods cannot be purchased online

Despite all these inconveniences, there are a lot of goods that cannot be bought online. Such goods are the perishable ones and those with odd sizes. Nevertheless, you can purchase these goods online, but the problem arises when it comes to delivering them. This can only be convenient if the seller of the product was ready to make a huge loss. In some cases, the logistics cost is bearable


If you are buying fabric, it is impossible to have a feel of the fabric before purchasing. If it is a pair of shoe, you cannot try it out to see if it fits you. In many occasions, customers prefer to have a feel for whatever product they are buying. These are some of the reasons why a lot of people do not prefer purchasing products from an online store.



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